[UPSC Interview Transcript #95]: Sujata Mehta Board, Bihar Home State, Poetry Writing, Meditation Hobbies

Date of Interview: 2nd March 2020; Afternoon Session, 1st to Go
Board: Sujata Mehta
Background: Bhagalpur, Bihar, NIT Rourkela, Ceramic Engineering(2016), Vedanta 2years experience,
Home State: Bihar
Hobbies: Poetry Writing, Meditation
Awards: NCC, Street Play award
1st Attempt


  1. Is this your photo (showing it)
  2. Tell me about your education background.
  3. What was your job profile at Vedanta?
  4. Companies like Vedanta prefer to open plants in developing countries due to lax environmental regulations here. Do you agree?
  5. Should Vedanta be given mining block (in Odisha)?
  6. If we will do mining it will harm environment. Is’t it sure. ( I said no, balance is possible) Are you sure?
  7. Why did you leave Vedanta?
  8. Job diversity is not guaranteed if you get accounting job in civil service.

Member 1

  1. What is the benefit of the NCC experience?
  2. Do you still benefit from that experience? How?
  3. What kind of meditation you do.
  4. You do it regularly? Group meditation?
  5. What kind of poem do you write?
  6. Can you tell some lines? (Before I could begin Chairman interrupted and told to pass to next member)

Member 2

  1. If you are made director of public transport what steps would you take?

Member 3

  1. .what is new development after 15 years of dismal performance ( referring to Lalu Raj)
  2. Do you think Rabri Devi..( hearing that Chairman interrupted and scolded the member for trying
  3. to raise political issue; meanwhile I continued to smile)
  4. Cold War explain.
  5. Which are famous poet.. Indian and Foreign ( I told 5-6 my favourite poets)
  6. Your poetry comes under Which Rasa..( Nature and Spirituality.. said Shanta rasa but he didn’t seem sure)

Member 4

  1. What will you tell your friend about your district if you want him to visit there?
  2. What bhagalpuri silk production is declining? How to revive?
  3. From the perspective of Ceramic Engineer,  what is scope in Bihar?
  4. Bricks from top soil is eroding soil productivity. Your solution as Ceramic engineer.


  1. Do you think any area we have not covered or do you want us to ask questions on any area? ( I said current issues)
  2. Police encounter is rising in certain states? Do you think it is right?
  3. Why such things occur? ( Brought up Hyderabad issue and demand from the public?
  4. Is judicial delay responsible? ( Concurred and elaborated)
  5. High-speed rail project.. tell 2 benefits and two harms. She interrupted a few times during my answer.
  6. She again asked anything more… I thought it better to get out than they decide to throw me out 🙂
  7. I said no and She said your interview is over.
  8. Overall Cordial board. But Chairman is very strict and runs the show like a boss. Although she
  9. behaves with the candidate very nicely. Difficult to judge your answer from her face as she maintains poker face


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