[UPSC Interview Transcript #112]: TCA Anant Board, Service IRAS, Mobile photography, Movie Hobbies

Board: TCA Anant
Background: Btech ECE NIT Trichy
Work: Product Manager Samsung India Electronics
Service: IRAS
Home State: West Bengal
Hobbies: Movie reviewing, Mobile photography, Weight training


  1. Reads a synopsis of my DAF
  2. What is your service pref?
  3. Why IRS isn’t IRAS better ?
  4. Your hobby is Movie review
  5. Tell me a movie that you reviewed

Member 1

  1. You said Parasite has made the Korean govt invest in housing for the poor. Did any Indian movie have an impact like that?
  2. Is there an actor in India trying to do a socially relevant movie through comical approach ?
  3. What did you do in Samsung
  4. How did you develop product
  5. What the National Electronics Policy
  6. Why are start-ups in AI IoT struggling

Member 2

  1. You are paid heavily in private why now civils
  2. One of the subjects from your IIM is economics tell me what govt is doing to improve economy?
  3. Your hobby is weight training would you continue it after getting into service?
  4. Tell me about winners of Nobel prize in economics

Member 3

  1. You are interested in Mobile photography, what is bokeh
  2. Your second choice is IFS what is the belt road initiative

Member 4

  1. What is City of Joy
  2. Tell me novel prize winners from Calcutta
  3. Do You know Satyajit Ray
  4. Tell me his movies
  5. What is his contribution
  6. Do you know Charlie Chaplin
  7. Why Is he adored
  8. What was indigo rebellion
  9. what was a permanent settlement

Thank you, Vivek. you can leave

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