[UPSC Interview Transcript #106]: TCA  Anant Sir Board, Rajasthan Home State, Geography Optional, Watching Movies, Cricket Hobbies

Interview Date:  4 March 2020
Interview time 15 minutes…
Board: TCA  Anant Sir
Background: BA  &  MA  in PSIR,
Home State: Rajasthan
Optional: Geography
Hobbies: Watching Movies, Cricket


1. What are u doing after graduation.
2. What is the development problem of your district and how to solve it as dm

Member 1

1. Why you choose geography optional, inspite of PSIR,U did ma in this subject
2. Hobbies movies- which type of movie do u like
3. what is role of social movie on society

Member 2

1. hobbies – playing cricket…bating or bowling , favourite cricketers
2. auto and telecom sector problem and solution
3. usa- taliban agreement and effect on india.

Member 3

1. Movies based on cricket
2. English literature graduation subject- favourite indian writer

Member 4

1.   CAA issue and northeast Bangladesh migration issue
Chairman -thank u your interview is over

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