[UPSC Interview Transcript #136]: TCA Anant Board, Madhya Pradesh Home State, Management Optional

Date of Interview:  06/03/2020 2nd to go
Board: Mr TCA Anant
Background: Computer Engineering, MBA
Optional: Management
Home State: MP
Employee: CRISIL


  1. Read the daf out aloud
  2. So you belong to Mumbai?
  3. You were working in CRISIL. Why did you have to leave the job?
  4. What was your role?
  5. Which verticals
  6. What Risk Analysis did you people do?

Member 1

  1. You’ve done computer engineering. What is Turing test?
  2. What is State of economy? Why is there a slowdown?
  3. What is the Government doing in relation to this?

Member 2

  1. You have stayed in Kolkata for a long time. Have you visited some historic places there?
  2. There were rishis in ancient India that were related to mathematics (Long explanation). DO you have some idea about this? Can you name them and their contribution?
  3. What are your service preferences?
  4. What are the issues in administration according to you?
  5. CHAIRMAN – Why the name Red Tape? Where it comes from?
  6. How will you use computers to solve the problems in administration?
  7. How administration can reach people through computers? What is the recent trend?

Member 3

  1. You’re a singer. What kind of songs do you sing?
  2. Who are your favourite singers?
  3. Today morning it has been raining. Do you think climate change is upon us?
  4. What are the causes for it?
  5. You’re into weight training. Why do you think people in India not taking it up?
  6. Digital payments. Why is it not picking up in the country?
  7. CHAIRMAN – do you really think that people in rural India who now have a smartphone may not have a bank account? Is it still true?

Member 4

  1. You spoke of MSMEs – what specific provisions are there in this budget?
  2. What do you do in a rock band? Do you rap?
  3. In credit rating do they only do a check on the financial health of the company or also other parameters?
  4. Tell me something about India – US trade. How is it going?
  5. In defence were just buying from USA. How does it help us?
  6. Data localization. What are your views?

CHAIRMAN – what exactly data localization means?
You have studied in Gwalior. Why Gwalior is lacking in industrial development?
CHAIRMAN – Thank you

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