UPSC Interview Transcript: PK Joshi Board, Chemistry Optional

PK Joshi Board
Morning session
Hobbies– Teaching and travelling
Domicile– Rajasthan
Chemical Engineer, NIT Jalandhar


What is the meaning of ur name?
Why students are afraid of maths. How will u encourage them to study maths? How will u develop smart villages? Wht is usage of trigonometry in daily life?

Member 1

what is the meaning of women empowerment to u? Are u empowered? Whose contribution is in it? Where hav u travelled? Why do u like it? Wht else u do in free time?

Member 2

so many crimes against women wht is reason behind dowry? Female infanticide why? How will u curb that as dm?

Member 3

Chinese president said that we need a governance system where no one wants to b corrupt, no one can b corrupt, no one dares to b corrupt how do u elaborate this? What is the reason behind corruption? Do we need moral education in country? How we will manage this?

Member 4

Investment in infra is low in india, govt needs money wht are the options? Wht regarding borrowing? Which Act has these mentioned? Target for this year? How will gst be helpful for govt nd citizen? Wht is input credit? I will give you arithematic prob u hav one min to solve it. A complex figure was given and straight lines were to b counted.

Thank u and all the best they said 🙂 

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Why Interview Transcripts?

  • These transcripts are just a collection of UPSC Interview experiences from different candidates.
  • The purpose of these transcripts is to provide individual experience and how they faced the board.
  • In a way, it affects the way candidates are understood, the information they share, and the conclusions drawn.
  • You’ll be able to identify the constraints and opportunities before you when facing the interview board.
  • Though providing transcripts, which is a behind a scene task, the aim is to provide a valuable input that you are looking for that you are hesitant to ask someone.
  • It might help to re-evaluate your approach , and take a look at what really needs to be done.
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