UPSC Interview Transcript: Shri Vinay Mittal Board

Background: Mechanical Engineer
Optional: Physics
Board: Shri Vinay Mittal



You are having a good background. Why are you working in your present job.
– C: Do you think 3 months ministry attachments for new recruits IAS officers is sufficient to make them understand the working of the ministries.
– C: what is the motive behind having an all India service? Why not let the IAS work completely under the control of states?
– C: What is cooperative federalsim and competitive federalism?
– C: why auto companies giving so many discounts on 31 march?

Member 1

what is post calitalsm?
– M1: what is left wing amd right wing economics?l
– M1: is NITI ayog categorised as left wing economics or right wing ecomics.
– M1: what is the motive for comtempt of provision in courts?
– M1: what are your views on defemation?

Member 2

what is difference between trekking and travelling?
– M2: rural india sees a lot of innovations. Why dont we officially recognise these innovations?
– M2: what can be done to encourage the individuals who dont have formal education but have learned themselves and developed some products eg: innovations in IT field.
– M2: Do you think formal education is more important than self learning.

Member 3

M3: what are neutrions?
– M3: do neutrions have mass and energy?
– M3: what is magnetic levitation technology?
– M3: what is its use in transportation?
– M3: what are vishaka guidelines?

Member 4

M4: what is happening in nepal?
– M4: what has india done for nepal recently?
– M4: what are some suggestions for police reforms?
– M4: do u think police force is apathetic?

Chairman: Your interview is over, Thank you.

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Why Interview Transcripts?

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