[UPSC Interview Transcript #66]: Ajit Bhonsle Board, Singing (light music) Freestyle Dancing, Anchoring Hobbies

Date of Interview: 17th Feb 2020
Duration: 30 mins
Board: Ajit Bhonsle
Background: BA in Journalism Psychology and English Literature
Hobbies: Singing (light music) Freestyle Dancing, Anchoring
Interest areas: Public speaking, Creative writing
(Mentioned as most questions were on DAF)


  1. Readout highlights in my DAF, appreciation then gave me a disclaimer on a personality test.
  2. How do you explain ‘Journalism’, and ‘Good Journalist’ to a 10-year-old?
  3. The 10-year-old has still not understood, can you simplify further
  4. A note on the Devadasi system, what measures have been taken to eradicate this social evil?
  5. So are you referring to Sudha Murthy and her initiatives?
  6. What are the other contributions of the Infosys Foundation to society?

Member 1

  1. Are there any regulations for social media?
  2. In your opinion should there be regulations? We also have freedom of speech; so what is your take?
  3. How can we regulate?
  4. How can we curb fake news?
  5. Have you heard of ‘Broken window’? What is it?

Member 2

(completely on hobbies and interest areas)

  1. When and where was your last public speaking?
  2. What did you speak?
  3. So who is an achiever according to you? (follow up Q)
  4. I see that you write poetry, what else do you write?
  5. In which language do you usually write?
  6. Can you narrate one of the poems which is close to your heart ?
  7. (I narrated a Kannada poem and translated the theme in English)

Member 3

  1. Is there objective reporting in Journalism today?
  2. Most of the media houses are owned by political parties and they take sides, what is your opinion on this?
  3. Will you be an objective reporter when you go out and narrate the personality test to your friends, family, etc?
  4. Tell us about Sudha Murthy’s writings, what genre does she write?

Member 4

  1. There are many allegations against NGOs, they indulge in anti-national activities… Is there a need of NGOs in society?
  2. (I said Yes…need to regulate…) Why do you think so?
  3. How is India doing in ‘Ease of doing business? What has been done to improve the ranking?
  4. Who is your favorite Journalist/ Anchor? (I intentionally mentioned Kannada journalists)
  5. Do you also follow English news channels?
  6. (Yes Sir, but mostly I read English newspapers)


  1. You are a singer, have opted Kan lit; What is the connect between Kannada literature and Carnatic music?
  2. Why is Carnatic music popular than Kannada literature?
  3. What is a freestyle dance?
  4. Quoted a dancer (don’t remember the name and exact quotation, it was roughly like this)
  5. “I danced, danced, danced, danced and still the dance remained”
  6. What do you understand by this statement?
  7. Quoted a report on delay in infrastructure projects, mentioned some data related to same..
  8. Why do you think the infrastructure projects are getting stalled? In terms with cost and time…(A lengthy question)
  9. What are your plans for the day, after the interview?
  10. suggested I visit National War Memorial and said your interview is over.
  11. On the whole, the interview was cordial and enjoyed giving it.
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