[UPSC Interview Transcript #65]: Smita Nagraj Board, Rajasthan Home State, Reading Classics, Diary Writing, Chess Hobbies

Board: Smita Nagraj
Optional: Public Admin
Home State: Rajasthan
Hobbies: Reading Classics, Diary Writing, Chess


  1. What is the last classic you have read?
  2. (said three books i recently read ), did not look convinced
  3. Have you read Shakespeare , Jane Eyre, Charles Dickens ( i said yes i have read Charles DIckens )
  4. Tell me what happens in the first chapter of tale of two cities ) ( i told, fumbling a little , was a little nervous by this time )

Member 1

  1. What can be impact of corona virus on indian economy?
  2. what can we do to prepare for it?
  3. how is it different from MERS and SARS ( i said sir mortality is much less, but it ismuch more infectious ) Is it airborne? ( no sir, spread from human to human contact )

Member 2

  1. What is the baisc problems beofr rajahsthan?
  2. why is Jaipur called Pink city? Is it still the case ?
  3. which states of india have been suffering from locust problem?
  4. what is challenge in fighting locusts

Member 3

  1. So how did you pick up hobby of writing diaries?
  2. These days many people write diary online, do you write online or in diary ? what are the advantages of online / offline
  3. What is FATF grey list? how many lists does it maintain? which other coutries are on the list? What action pakistan has taken so that not to be on blacklist ( few more questions on this which i don’t remember
  4. Tell me problems of agriculture sector? how can we solve it?

Chairperson: why do you want to join Civil Services? One last question, you write a diary, will you allow me to read your diary (smiling) your interview is over. (I got up and thought of pushing the chair inside, but could not move it, was nervous, then came out)

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