UPSC Main Anthropology Paper 2- 2010

Section ‘A’

1. Write short notes on the following in about 150 words each:    15×4=60

(a) Neolithic culture in India

(b) Universalization and Parochialization

(c) Sivapithecus

(d) Urban planning in Harappan culture

2. (a) Critically examine the factoras responsible for the high population growth in India and suggest Suitable measures for population control.        30+15

(b) Discuss the relevance of Guha’s racial classification in the context of India’s ethnic groups.     15

3. (a) Comment in detail on the socio-cultural life of the people of the Indus Valley Civilization.  30

(b) Examine Gordon Childe’s statements. ” Neolithic culture is a revolution.”     15

(c) Discuss the contributions of S.C.Dube towards the understanding of the Indian village.    15

4.(a) Asses the contribution of M.N. Srinivas towards Indian Anthropology in general . Add a note on his understanding in the context of studying social mobility in India.      20+10

(b) Examine the role of the caste system in the present political context.     15

(c) Is the present polical system strengthening the caste system ? Discuss.   15

Section ‘B’

5. Write short notes on the following in about 150 words each:        15×4=60

(a) Education and health among tribal women.

(b) The problem of bonded labour among Indian tribes.

(c) Panchayati Raj and the tribes.

(d) Tribal displacement.

6.(a) ” Land and forest are the twin problems of the tribes.” Explain.    40

(b) Discuss the relevance of traditional wisdom and knowledge of the tribes with reference to health in the present day context.    20

7. (a) Discuss and compare the approaches towards the tribes during colonial and post independent India.  45

(b) Do you find any significant change in the approaches ? Asses.    15

8. (a) Critically examine the various structurasl constraints in the educational development of Scheduled Tribes.  30

(b) Analyse the factors influencing tribal regionalism, citing Indian examples.  30

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