UPSC Main Anthropology Paper 2- 2011


1.  Write short notes on the following in about 150 words each: 15×4=60

(a) Philosophy behind Purushartha

(b) Factors contributing to communalism

(c) Iron Age in Gangetic region

(d) Critique of the concept of Great and Little Tradition.

2. (a) “Modernity has entered Indian character and society, but it has done so through assimilation, not replacement.” Discuss. 30

(b) Describe the linguistic elements in Indian population.  15

(c) Discuss the relevance of the concept of Dominant Caste in the context of Contemporary Indian Society.  15

3. (a) Describe the characteristic features of Mesolithic Cultures in India.  30

(b) Evaluate the contribution of American anthropologists to Indian anthropology.  30

4. (a) Discuss the significance of Sohan in Indian Prehistory.  30

(b) Critically examine the theories of Origin of Castes.  30


5. Write short notes on the following in about 150 words each:  15×4=60

(a) Forest Rights Act – 2006

(b) Tribal Panchsheel

(c) Future of Hunting and Gathering Tribes

(d) Left-wing extremism and tribals in India.

6. (a) Discuss the impact of Hindu Society on tribal population in India.   30

(b) Discuss the problem of displaced tribal communities with the help of recent examples. 30

7. (a) Compare the approach adopted towards tribal communities during Colonial and Post-independence periods.  30

(b) Discuss the distinctive features of tribes in North-east India. 30

8. (a) “Tribes in India are not homogeneous group.” Discuss.  30

(b) Discuss the impact of Urbanization and Industrialization on tribal women.  15

(c) Asses the contribution of Varrier Elwin to Indian anthropology. 15

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