UPSC Main Anthropology Paper 2- 2014


Q1 Write short notes on the following in about 150 words each : 10×5=50

a) Neolithic cultures of N-E India

b) Tribe-Caste continuum

c) Great tradition and Little tradition

d) Major linguistic divisions of India

e) Contribution of H. H. Risley to the ‘Aryan’ debate

Q2. a) Describe what is known of Harappan Religion. Have some of its elements continued into later Hinduism? Discuss. 20

b) Describe the concept of ‘Sacred Complex’ with an ethnographic example. 15 marks

c) Do you think caste persists in contemporary India? Critically discuss. 15 marks (20 + 15 + 15 marks)

Q3. a) Define the concept ‘Dominant Caste’ and examine its relevance in the contemporary Indian village with suitable examples. 20 Marks

b) Discuss the contribution of Islam to the composite culture of India. 15 marks

c) Discuss the importance of the ethno-archaeological approach to the study of indigenous craft in India. (20 + 15 + 15 marks)

Q4. a) Discuss the contributions of S. C. Roy to understanding the tribes of India. 20 Marks

b) Describe the evolutionary significance of the fossil finds of the Narmada Basin. 15 marks

c) Outline the distribution of Dravidian languages in India and describe their cultural significance. 15 marks


Q5. Write short notes on the following in about 150 words each : 10×5=50

a) Biogenetic variations of Indian tribes

b) Social and economic marginalization of tribal people

c) Forest policy and tribes

d) The concept of PTG

e) Impact of Christianity on tribes

Q6. a) Critically examine the constitutional provisions for safeguarding the interests of Scheduled Tribes in India. 20 Marks

b) Discuss the impact of land alienation on the tribes of Central India. 15 marks

c) Critically evaluate the National Tribal Policy. 15 marks

Q7. a) Discuss the impact of Globalization on the livelihood of the tribal populations. 20 Marks

b) What are the significant factors responsible for tribal unrest? 15 marks

c) Discuss the rise of ethno-nationalism among Indian tribes with specific example. 15 marks

Q8. a) Critically assess the role of anthropologists in rural development. 20 Marks

b) Critically examine the role of NGOs in promoting health and education in tribal areas. 15 marks

c) Describe the history administration in the colonial period. 15 marks

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