UPSC Main Philosophy Paper I- 2011

Section ‘A’

1.  (a)  How does Plato relate the world of ideas to the empirical world ? Discuss.     15

(b) Why does Descartes not doubt the existence of God? Explain     15

(c) What is Russell’s idea of ‘Incomplete symbols’ in his theory of description?  Discuss.   15

(d) “I am responsible for myself and for everyone else.” Discuss this statement in the light of Sartre’s existentialism.   15

2. (a) “Hume aroused me from my dogmatic slumber”. In what context Kant has made this statement? Explain.  20

(b)  Discuss the limitations of verification theory.    20

(c) What, according to Empiricists is the concept of Substance? Discuss.     20

3. (a) “Meaning of the word lies in its use”. Explain in detail.    30

(b) What, according to Husserl is Intentionality? Discuss is role in arriving at the meaning of object.   30

4. (a) Are the arguments given by G.E. Moors against Idealism, adequate ? Give reasons for your answer.   30

(b) Is the concept of freedom consistent with the theory of determinism of Spinoza ? Support your answer with arguments. 30

Section ‘B’

5. (a) What according to Jainism is Path to Liberation ? Discuss.       15

(b) Is Sunyavada a philosophical doctrine Evaluate?    15

(c) Do you find any inadequacy in the proofs for the existence of God as given by Naiyayikas? Give reasons in Support of your answer.    15

(d) Why do the Vaisesikas treat Abhava as an independent category? Explain.    15

6. (a) Why is Saptabhangi Naya not treated as a doctrine of Scepticism ? Discuss.     20

(b) How do Mimamsakas defend Svatah Pramanyavada against the Naiyayika criticism? Discuss.  20

(c) What is the importance of the Buddhist concept of ‘Nama-Rupa’ in the exposition of the Doctrine of Dependent Origination?    20

7. (a) Examine Sankhya’s arguments for Bahupurusavada (Plurality of Purusa).      30

(b) “Yoga is more than a psycho-physical exercise”. Analyse this statement and support your conclusion with arguments. 30

8. (a) Why do Carvakas reject a the concept of Akasa . Discuss.   30

(b) Is the concept of Nirvana a logical necessity for the Buddhists? Give reasons for your answer.   30

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