UPSC Mains 2017 Botany Optional – Test 1 : Mains Marathon


Friends, Here is the 1st Mains Marathon Botany Optional Test.

Below are the Questions:

Paper 2:

Section A Topics: Cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, evolution, plant breeding, biotechnology, bio-statics.

Question 1: Explain the following: (10 mark each)

a) What is the reason of inheritance pattern of petile mutants of baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae?

b) Why the formations of one chiasma reduce the probability of another chiasma formation in an immediately adjacent region of the chromosomes?

c) cAMP and protein kinase A.

d) Cot curve.

e) DNA/ Molecular markers.

f) Germplasm.

g) Homologous genes.

Question 2: The cell cycle is a highly regulated and a dependent series of events, explain that regulatory mechanism of cell cycle? (15 mark).

Question 3: What are the various sources of insect resistance in crop plants and discuss their importance in breeding for insect resistance?(15 mark).

Question 4: How the genetic resistance is the most desirable and useful method of controlling a pest? (15 mark).

Question 5: What is coevolution and when it is likely to happen. Discuss. Explain a classic case of coevolution. (15 mark).

Question 6: With the suitable example discuss the application and limitations of allopolyploidy. (15 mark).

Question 7: Discuss the SiRNAs mediated RNAi and miRNAs mediated RNAi.(15 mark).

Question 8: Discuss the Acetylation and Methylation types of chemical modifications of the Histone proteins. (15 mark).

Question 9: what is the difference between sex-limited traits and sex- influenced traits?(15 mark).

Question 10: In identification of cells containing the vector molecule requires the presence of suitable marker genes on the vector molecules whose expression provides a means of identifying a cell containing it,what are those two popularly used marker genes?(15 mark).

Question 11: Why ‘Ti plasmid based vector’ are mostly used in plants for the purpose of cloning and expression of a target DNA fragments into a host cell?(15 mark).

Question 12: What is polymerase chain reaction (PCR)? Discuss the different modifications to the PCR techniques? (15 mark).

Question 13: What is gene interaction? Explain the different forms of gens interaction?(15 mark).

Question14: Discuss the genetic mapping with suitable example. What are the major aspects of genetic mapping?(15 mark).

Question15: Explain the four types of chromosome aberrations: deletions, duplications, inversions, and translocations?(15 mark).

Question 16: What are the factors, which disturb the Hardy- Weinberger equilibrium in a Mendelian population and briefly describe their effects? (15 mark).

Question 17: What are the objectives of plant breeding?(15 mark).

Question 18: What is the genetic erosion? What are the main causes of genetic erosion?(15 mark).

Question 19: Explain the genetics of apomixes and discuss its usefulness in plant breeding?(15 mark)

Question 20: Explain the transports mechanism of different molecules across the plasma membrane. Explain?(15 mark).

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