UPSC Mains 2017 History Optional Questions – Test 3 : Mains Marathon


Friends, We are releasing the 3rd Mains Marathon History Optional Test/Question Bank for History Optional.

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Test 3 : History Optional Mains Marathon

Q1. Discuss the socio-cultural life during post Gupta and early medieval age. Q2. Compare the features of Indian feudalism and European feudalism. Q3. Some Noble Rajput septs are descended from Gujaras or other foreigners while some others are closely connected to indigenous races. Give your views. Q4. Discuss the evolution of indo Islamic culture during the sultanate period. Q5. Emergence of feudalism and fragmented state were not the only reasons for decline of trade during 750 AD to 950 AD. Enumerate the factors that contributed decline of trade during early medieval period. Q6. Discuss the factors that contributed towards emergence of third urbanization in India. Q7. Sultanate period saw development in technology in many fields. Elaborate. Q8. Not only weaknesses in military technology but also structure of polity contributed to the fall of Rajputs. Discuss. Q9. Discuss the growth of regional languages and literature during medieval period of India. Q10. Give an account of Al-Beruni’s description of India. Q11. Discuss the development of religious life during medieval Indian period. Q12. How far do you think that the vishishtadvait of Ramanuja was in response to philosophy propounded by Shankaracharya? Q13. How far it is correct to say that the establishment of Turkish rule in 1206 AD marked the beginning of new age? Q14. Establishment of Delhi sultanate marked the era of theocracy. Critically examine. Q15. Discuss the aspects of society during period of Pallavas. Q16. Give an account of contribution of Pallavas to art and culture. Q17. How far is it true to say that strength and vigor of Indian history during 500AD to 750AD lay in the south of vindhyas? Q18. Were the Chola village assemblies democratic in nature? Give the details of administrative structure of Cholasas inferred from Uttarmerur inscription. Q19. Discuss the theory of kingship of Balban and his contributions towards consolidation of sultanate. Q20. How far it is correct to say that Iltutmish was the real founder of Delhi sultanate? Analyze.

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