UPSC Mains Anthropology Optional Questions – Test 5


Test 5 : Anthropology Optional Mains Marathon



1. Define race. Explain the biological basis of racial classification.

2. What do you mean by genetic frequency? Explain the principle of Hardy Weinberg law.

3. What do you understand by Mendelian laws of Genetics? Comment on the significance of the Mendelism in current modern genetics.

4. What are different types of chromosomal aberrations? Explain various features of Turners syndrome.

5. Explain the various genetic effects of consanguineous marriages.

6.Explain the following terms.

a) genetic load
b) lethal gene

7. Write a short notes on the following:

a) Twin study.

b) Recombinant DNA technology.

8. What do you mean by genetic screening? Explain the importance of genetic screening coupled with genetic counselling in treating hereditary diseases with examples.

9. Explain the relevance of race as a criterion in modern society.

10. What do you understand by the term “nutritional stress”? Explain any two major diseases associated with vitamin deficiencies.

11. Define ecological anthropology. Explain various bio cultural adaptations of man in response to high altitude climate.

12. What is a genetic marker? Explain the various anthropological variation of Rh Blood group as a genetic marker.

13. What is the difference between growth and development? Explain different stages of growth after birth.

14. Define ageing and senescence. What are the various theories explaining ageing in an individual?

15. Write short notes on the following:
a) Pedigree analysis
b) Inbreeding.

16. What is social concept of disease? Explain variation of occurrence of cardiovascular diseases in rural and urban societies.

17. Explain the importance of concept of race crossing with relevant examples.

18. What are different methods of growth study of child? Discuss the importance of growth curves in growth studies.

19. Define the term Somatotype. Explain importance of study of different human somatotypes in the society.

20. What is genetic poly morphism? Explain the concept of polygenic inheritance in humans with relevant examples.

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