UPSC Mains Optional Geography Paper 1 (2010)

Section -A

1. Write short notes on the following in about 200 words each:   15×4=60

(a) Essential conditions for the development of karst topography

(b) Ocean deposits

(c) Inversion of temperature

(d) Floristic kingdoms , based on their global distribution

2. (a) Bring out the relevance of seismic study in determining the structure of the interior of the earth.      30

(b) ” Weathering is a complex phenomenon involving a number of processes and is influenced by various factors.” Elaborate.  30

3. (a) What is ‘Polar front ? How does cyclone develop along this front? Describe the weather conditions associated with it.                                        30

(b) Examine the various linds of atmosperic humidity and kinds of atmospheric humidity and their associated forms.  30

4. (a) Explain the scientifically sound methods of bathymetry and give an account of the botton topography of the Atlanic Ocean.   30

(b) Give an describe of the structure of ecosystem and describe its functional aspects.   30

5. Write short explanatory notes on the following: 15×4=60

(a) Neo-determinism

(b) Occidental culture realm

(c) Optimum population

(d) Growth poles

(e) von Thunen’s concept of economic rent

6. (a) Critically examine the method of deriving Human Development Index.   30

  (b) “Famine , to a considerable extent, is a man-made hazard.” Elaborate. 30

7. (a) Critically examine the changing perspectives on the concept of areal differentiation.  30

(b) Bring out the sequential improvements in models of city structure by E.W. Burgess, Homer Hoyt, and Harris and Ullman.             30

8. (a) Discuss the role of World Trate Organisation in determining the pattern of world trade.

(b) ” Huge populations of development countries are not a curse. These amy be and also are an asset, if situations are properly managed.” Elaborate on this assertion.   30

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