Urban Quality of Life Index

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News: IIT-Bombay researchers have released an Urban Quality of Life Index.


  • About the Index: The index has compared the quality of life in various cities in India and ranked them on the basis of various categories such as water, power, electricity, literacy rate, employment rate among others. For the first time, the index has factored in gender parity.

Key Takeaways:

Urban Quality of Life Index

  • Mumbai has topped the index followed by Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.
  • Among Gender Parity, Chennai is the most women-friendly city and Patna the least.
  • Jaipur has the highest crime rate against women and Chennai recorded the lowest crime against women.
  • The gap in literacy rate between men and women is the widest in Jaipur (13.2%) and lowest in Kolkata (5.4%).Literacy was the highest in Pune (91%) and the lowest in Hyderabad (83%).
  • The unemployment levels for women in Patna is higher than the other cities, the gap stood at 346 which is four times the urban average score of 73.
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