Urbanisation and urban dynamics

Source: The post is based on the article “Urbanisation and urban dynamics” published in Business Standard on 16th February 2023.

Syllabus: GS 1 – Urbanization

Relevance: Urbanization and Urban dynamics

News: The article discuses about urbanization urban dynamics and also provides that how these two are inter related.

What is urbanisation and urban dynamics?

Urbanisation is not only a shift of population from the countryside to urban areas but it is a process that influences and defines a place’s cultural beauty.

For example, Paris is the world’s fashion capital.

Therefore, Paris’s transformation as a fashion capital and its process of urbanization is associated with the urbanization of foreign designers that further influenced the labour relations as well as the industrialisation processes.

Urban dynamics can be defined as the factors that comprise an urban environment that includes opportunities and threats.

It is the understanding that social, cultural and economic factors not only bring together a city, but also the inherent being of that city.

How urbanisation and urban dynamics influence the city and how are they both inter-related?

Changes brought by urbanisation are beneficial to businesses, leads to the improvement of public services, improves technology and infrastructure, and helps in creation of new ideas.

However, urbanisation also leads to overcrowding, resource extinction, pollution and land degradation.

On the other hand, urban dynamics is related to the interaction of spatial geography with the environment and with human behaviour.

Moreover, a city is viewed as an economic landscape which tends to bring urbanization, but the same city also has urban dynamics such as class differences.

Therefore, urbanisation has always been reflected in its urban dynamics and the relationship between urbanisation and urban dynamics is very cohesive and interactive.

Hence, any change in urbanisation will also see transformation of the urban dynamics of the city.

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