US “CDC guidelines” for fully vaccinated people

What is the News?

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) said that fully vaccinated persons will no longer need their masks indoors and outdoors.

About the CDC Guidelines:
  • US’s CDC guidelines said that a fully vaccinated person can take off his/her masks.
  • The new guidelines are only for people who are fully vaccinated. This includes condition like,
    • Two weeks have passed since the second shot of the two-dose vaccines.
    • Or if a person received a single dose of the Janssen vaccine.
  • The guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) are just guidelines. State and local rules still apply.
Places where the persons need to wear masks:
  • The guidelines say fully vaccinated people must still wear a mask. Especially in health care settings, transportation hubs such as airports and stations, and public transportation.

Are these CDC guidelines based on science? The decision was taken based on the following reasons:

  • Current State of Pandemic in the US: The number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the United States have declined significantly in recent weeks.
  • Effective Vaccination: The US’s followed an effective vaccination policy. Further, some people are immune because of the previous coronavirus infection. So, the pandemic is gradually coming under control.
  • Study on vaccinated people: A study conducted at a major medical center in Israel found that out of 5,500 fully vaccinated workers, just eight people developed any COVID-19 symptoms.

Source: Indian Express

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