US joins “Christchurch Call to Action” against online extremism

What is the News?

The United States has announced that it will be joining “Christchurch Call to Action” against online extremism.

About Christchurch Call to Action:

  • Christchurch Call to Action was launched during the Online Extremism Summit in Paris, France in 2019. The summit was co-chaired by New Zealand and France.
  • Objective: The Christchurch Call is a global pledge by member governments and technology partners. Under this, they work together to address terrorist and violent extremist contents online.
  • Named after: The call is named after the New Zealand city. In Christchurch, 51 members of the Muslim community were murdered in a live-streamed terrorist attack in 2019.
  • Member Countries: Seventeen countries originally signed the agreement. Another 31 countries signed the agreement later.
  • India: India is one of the member countries.
  • Sections: The pledge is non-binding. It consists of three sections or commitments.
    • The governments,
    • Online service providers and
    • Ways in which the earlier two can work together.
  • Measures: The plan commits Governments, international organizations and Internet companies to perform a range of measures. This includes,
    • Developing tools to prevent the upload of terrorist and violent extremist content;
    • Countering the roots of violent extremism;
    • Increasing transparency around the detection and removal of content;
    • Ensuring that algorithms designed and used by companies do not direct users towards violent and extremist content.

Source: AIR

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