US’s engagement with China is par for the course. Delhi should not panic, must enhance its global standing

News: Recently a virtual summit occurred between US President and the Chinese President. In that, both the nations have decided to expand their cooperation and engagement.

We have already covered the entire issue in our previous article: What Biden-Xi summit presages for the future
What are the challenges in China-US relations?

Failed fulfilments: During the Trump regime, the Phase 1 Trade Agreement, required China to buy $380 billion worth of American goods by the end of 2021. But China didn’t fulfil the agreement.

Deepening structural contradiction: Both the US and China have structural contradictions that are unlikely to resolve soon.

The approach of Trump and Biden on China: Under Trump, the US shifted from engagement at all costs with China to challenging it across a broad front, including trade, technology, human rights, security, and global governance.

Under Biden, the US has moved more systematically in challenging China. For instance, by strengthening US alliances and focusing on domestic economic renewal.

What US-China relations mean for India?

Many in India worry that any relaxation of tensions between the US and China would undermine India’s position in relation to China. So, India must carefully monitor the state of US-China relations. But India has no reason to panic. This is because,

1. China is far too important for any major power to ignore it, 2. Even after Chinese aggression in Ladakh, India continued its engagement with China. More recently, in COP 26 also, India and China coordinated with each other. 3. All of India’s Asian and European partners have huge stakes in a productive economic relationship with China.

So, engaging with China is a fact of international life today.

What India should do?

1. Strengthen India’s partnership with all major powers, including the US, Europe, Japan and Russia, 2. Enhance India’s own standing in the great power constellation.

Overall, India can’t see itself as a victim of great powers, but as a nation that can shape the regional and global balance of power.

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