USSR-era “INS Rajput” decommissioned

What is the News?

Indian Navy has decommissioned the INS Rajput at Naval Dockyard at Visakhapatnam after 41 years of service.

About INS Rajput:

  • INS Rajput was a guided-missile destroyer and the lead ship of the Rajput class of the Indian Navy. It was built by the erstwhile USSR (now Russia).
  • The missile destroyer was commissioned in the Indian Navy in 1980. It was also the first destroyer of the Indian Navy.
  • Purpose: The ship is capable of attacking land targets as well as fulfilling anti-aircraft and anti-submarine roles as a task force or carrier escort.
  • The destroyer ship participated in several important missions over the years including:
    • Operation Aman off the coast of Sri Lanka to assist the Indian Peace Keeping Force during Srilankan Civil War
    • Operation Pawan for patrolling duties off the coast of Sri Lanka
    • Operation Cactus to resolve hostage situation of the Maldives and
    • Operation Crowsnest off Lakshadweep.
  • Moreover, the ship has also served in the several missiles trials:
    • The ship was used as a trial platform for the BrahMos cruise missile.
    • A new variant of the Prithvi-III missile was test-fired from Rajput in 2007.
    • The ship also tracked the Dhanush ballistic missile during a successful test in 2005.

Source: The Hindu


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