Vaccine diplomacy 

Synopsis: India’s Vaccine diplomacy will raise India’s Stature at the global arena. 


  • Till now, India has supplied Covid19 vaccines to Maldives, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal, Myanmar and Seychelles. The initial supplies of Covid19 vaccines have been sent free of cost. 
  • It is expected that India will be distributing vaccines to other countries including Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. 
  • By supplying vaccines at quick interval, India has delivered on the commitments it made to these countries. 

What is the significance of Vaccine diplomacy? 

First, it will lead to new kind of diplomacy based on the common good and common interests of the South Asian people. 

Second, India’s prevailing good reputation over manufacturing medicines will only increase in the south Asian region. This will increase the scope of Medical tourism in India. 

Third, Sale of Covid19 vaccines will be economically beneficial. For example, Countries such as Myanmar and Bangladesh have started negotiating for commercial agreements with manufacturers for more quantities. 

What is the way forward? 

India should refrain from entering into contest with China for supply of vaccines to its Neighbours. Because,  

  • First, Vaccines are a global common good. 
  • Second, the demand for anti-COVID 19 immunization across the world is increasing. it is the responsibility of all countries with the capability to manufacture the vaccine to make it available equitably to all 
  • Third, Immunization is in every country’s interest, as it is crucial to restore the movement of people and goods across nations, to build a global immunity prior to COVID19 situation. 
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