[Video] “Focus on the depth, not on the breadth of a subject”-Ayush Nopany AIR 151 CSE 2018

Ayush Nopany secured a rank of 151 in CSE 2018. This was his 4th attempt in the exam. His optional was history in which he secured 283 marks this year. He has cleared the mains thrice and with every attempt, he improved his handwriting and presentation skills to write the answers.

He gave real attention to Current Affairs for his preparation for Prelims as it covers the major portion in the exam these days. He believes that reading monthly Current Affairs in depth and analysing each and every aspect of it is very important for the exam. According to him, proper full-proof preparation of the static portion should be done as the chances of getting that portion wrong are pretty low.

Watch his video in which he talks about how he prepared to get through this year. He gave extra attention to giving space between paragraphs while writing answers and highlighting heading clearly. He also tells the importance of drawing schematics in your answers to earn some extra credit.

For the interview, he suggests that one should work on one’s analytical skills and be well versed with everything one has written on DAF (Detailed Application Form).

He was a part of ForumIAS’s MGP Program. You can download his MGP copies from here.

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