[Video] Working Candidate, Selected for IPS, Prelims & Mains Strategy Krishan Kumar Singh AIR 181 CSE 2018


Krishan Kumar Singh secured a rank of 181 in the Civil Services Examination 2018. This was his 4th attempt with Political Science Optional. He was working with RBI as a manager before making it to the list of CSE selected candidates. He has done his engineering from NSIT.

With each attempt, he recalibrated his strategy for prelims to know where he was lagging. He suggests the aspirants to identify the general trends from the previous years’ papers so as to get hold of the various patterns the paper can contain. Try to get the static portion correct, says the topper since that is the most predictable portion from the paper.

Watch his Video below where he talks about how he got through this year while working full-time with RBI. He talks about how aspirants can make use of the predictability factor of Mains and score more marks for writing well-structured answers.

He suggests the aspirants to discuss their mocks with people who are not preparing for UPSC, this gives them different perspectives of approaching an answer. Also, he talks about how a profound knowledge of a person’s current profile matters during the interview.

Civil Services Examination is more about learning from your failures and experiences, says the topper.

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