[Video]”In prelims try to find out the answer by eliminating options, if you don’t know the answer”-Nityanand Jha AIR 128 CSE 2018


Nityanand Jha, who is from Madhubani, Bihar, secured a rank of 128 in CSE 2018. This was his 4th attempt in the exam and 3rd attempt in the interview.

He is an IIT-Kanpur Graduate and he started preparing right after graduating. His optional subject was sociology.

He followed the basic books, practiced from the test papers from different coachings and solved the previous years’ papers of UPSC so as to get a hold of different patterns and levels of questions asked in the exam. He made sure that he had at least touched each and every topic from the prescribed syllabus of UPSC and made short notes for each of them.

Since the prelims are approaching, it’s important that you learn some smart strategies that our topper followed and cleared prelims three times in a row. He sheds some great strategies he adapted to get through all the written exams.

Watch his Q n A Session with a ForumIAS mentor where he talks about how he prepared for different topics at every stage of the examination. He also tells what he did differently for his interview this year to finally get a rank.

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