Videos – Preparation Strategies and Motivation

On this page, we are going to post all the relevant videos for UPSC CSE, including strategy, motivation, etc. You can access videos by clicking on the following links:

Answer Writing Session for MGP 2021 Students by Ayush Sir: Answer writing is undoubtedly the most important aspect for scoring well in UPSC CSE examination. In this video, Ayush Sir is providing guidance regarding the significant aspects of answer writing, Including;

A) Basics of answer writing
B) Mistakes not to make
C) Value addition that you can make in answer writing.

Strategy and Planning for Mains 2021 by Ayush Sir: Proper planning and scheduling is key to covering mains syllabus effectively and completely. This video cover the following aspects:

a) How to divide the time between GS and Optional.
b) How to enhance our score in General studies, especially in Paper 3 and 4.
c) Mistakes not to make in the next two months.

After Prelims failure, Planing for 2022 and Ahead by Ayush Sir: This session will include talks on mistakes we make (and must not make next year), and changing approach to the exam preparation just a bit.

Mains Guidance Program 2022 | Orientation Session: In this video, the faculty discusses the Orientation Session of Mains Guidance Program 2022. Points Covered:

1) About the MGP – the Program
2) Previous Success Stories
3) MGP/MGP+/Concept Classes
4) What you will get – Charter
5) Support – Mentor and General
6) How to Extract Maximum Value & Mistakes to avoid

Answer Writing Session for 2022: In this video, the faculty discusses the Answer Writing for Mains Guidance Program 2022. You can also download the mentioned PDF in the description of video. This video answers the following questions:

1) What is a good answer?
2) Meaning of directives in the questions?
3) Writing the introduction of the answers
4) Writing body of the answer
5) Writing a conclusion
6) Mistakes & suggestions

Live Session for AWFG Students: Going ahead: This was a LIVE Doubt Session taken for AWFG Students by Ayush Sir, where students asked their queries/doubts and discussed the strategy ahead for Mains 2021.

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