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MOTIVATION & STRATEGY : IFS Rank 57 Vivek who broke his arm ( but not his spirit ) before IFoS Mains.

“Sir, we need to meet. I have a problem that we need to discuss. I am your student.” About a week before the IFoS Mains, Vivek dropped by, with a broken arm, looking for a scribe that would appear for the Mains for him. Embarrassed, he asked – Sir, will UPSC even allow a scribe?Read Full Article

IFoS Interview Preparation Session – 2018

Must Watch – Satwik | Indian Forest Service | AIR 18 | Basics of IFoS Interview

Post – Mains (2018) Session, who did not clear mains

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Essay Orientation Session – 2019
Video: ForumIAS Meet 2018 | Watch Anudeep, Anu, Sachin, Neha, and other successful students of CSE 2017

Dear Friends, The Meet got over last Sunday. Watch the video below