Vizag to come under security blanket for Fleet Review

What is the news?

Visakhapatnam will come under a heavy security cover as two major events of the Indian Navy- the Presidential Fleet Review (PFR) and Milan-2022 will be held at this place.

What is the President’s Fleet Review?

President’s Fleet Review is a long-standing tradition followed by navies all across the world.

It is an assembly of ships at a pre-designated place for the purpose of displaying loyalty and allegiance to the sovereign and the state.

A fleet review is usually conducted once during the tenure of the President.

The earliest recorded Indian Fleet Review was in the 18th Century by the powerful Maratha fleet consisting of ‘Ghurabs’ and ‘Gallivats’, under the renowned Sarkhel (Grand Admiral) Kanhoji Angre at the coastal fortress of Ratnagiri.

Till now, 11 Presidential Fleet Reviews have been conducted since Independence, of which two have been International Fleet Reviews in 2001 and 2016.

Moreover, in ​​terms of significance, the Navy’s Presidential review is considered second only to the Republic Day Parade.

How will be the Presidential Fleet Review (PFR) 2022?

The theme for PFR 2022 is ‘Indian Navy – 75 years in Service of the Nation’.

At this PFR, more than 60 ships and submarines and 50 aircraft will participate in the review. 

Vessels of the Coast Guard, the Shipping Corporation of India, and the National Institute of Ocean Technology, submarines will also participate in the review.

Source: This post is based on the article “Vizag to come under security blanket for Fleet Review” published in The Hindu on 18th Feb 2022

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