Vrushka Bandhan Project: A unique initiative by Tribal Affairs Ministry in Aurangabad

Source: PIB

What is the News?

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs in partnership with The Art of Living Foundation has launched the Vrushka Bandhan Project in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

About Vrushka Bandhan Project:

Under the Project, tribal women are making Rakhis for Raksha Bandhan with seeds of indigenous trees. This is a unique contribution to increasing forest cover & combating climate change. 1100 members of the MahilaKissanManch germinated this idea. 

Key Features of the Project:
  • The Rakhis are made of indigenous seeds, stuck on naturally dyed, soft indigenous, non-toxic, biodegradable cotton. Once used, the seeds can be sown in the soil, thereby benefiting the environment.  
  • It is expected that these seed rakhis can be used to plant thousands of trees, after their use, under this project. The project will provide employment to tribal women associated with the project.
Significance of the Project:

The project is based on Gauadharitparamparagatkheti or Go-Adharith farming techniques. This technique seeks to preserve and revive the Traditional Ecological Knowledge of tribal communities and protect them from the negative effects of chemical agriculture.

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