Wages for looking

Wages for looking

NookuKooli; labour union

1. The Kerala government has banded the practice of “NokkuKooli” from May 2018.

Important Facts
2. Nokkukooli is a practice in Kerala of extorting money from employers, shopkeepers or households by loading-and-unloading workers.

  1. It is done by an organisedlabour unions in kerala under which wages have to be paid to workers for loading works done by other workers or machines.

4.This happens with the tacit support of political parties including those in government.

  1. Impact of NokkuKooli
  • NokkuKooki has resulted in the industrial backwardness of Kerala.
  • The trade union have use this practice extensively to suppress the local people.
  1. The Kerala government has banned the practice beginning from May 1, 2018. Government is planning to make NokkuKooli a non-bailable offence.
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