[Video] Answer Writing for CSE / IFoS Mains 2018 : Learn from the Toppers | IFoS Rank 9, 18, 19

It is said that toppers don’t do different things. They do the same things differently. And probably over and over again, before they become Toppers.

We got Rank 1, Rank 6, Rank 9, Rank 18, Rank 19 – all IFoS Officers together and asked them what they did for answer writing for Mains.

Because it isn’t surprising that all of these candidates – most of them – appeared for the first Interview in 2018 – cleared the Mains or both CSE and IFoS.

Which means, that there must be a certain way of writing answers which these candidates worked on in the past year.

They all have two things in common

  • One, they all were MGP Students of ForumIAS and part of Interview Guidance Initiative / Program
  • Two, they all cleared the Mains of both IFoS and CSE . And then they topped IFoS with ranks under 20. CSE Results are awaited.

We asked them to share their secret, and here they have shared it with us , in this video.

P.S. This video comprehensively covers preparing for the IFoS Mains as well and is a must watch for IFoS Candidates.

Watch below



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