Watching Movies as a hobby

  • What type of movies do you watch ? Hindi , English , Regional ?
  • Which genre of movies do you watch ? Action , Suspense , Melodrama , Romantic , No specific choice ?
  • Which is your favorite movie and why ?
  • Who are your favorite actors ?
  • Compare and analyze hindi movies vis-a vis Hollywood movies in terms of originality , technique etc.
  • Why Hindi movies do not win Oscar despite Bollywood being the biggest film industry ?
  • Have a brief idea about development of Indian cinema – from the silent era to the present day.
  • Know about eminent film personalities like Satyajit Ray.
  • What is parallel cinema ?
  • Know about the contribution of regional cinema, Is it losing ground ? What is it’s strength and USP ?
  • Are multiplexes with high priced tickets a boon or bane ? Do they bring a rich cinematic experience to the masses or are pushing cinema out of the reach of common man ?
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