Weekly Current Affairs Highlights – 10th to 15th May.

On this page, you can read all the major news/Current Affairs of the week.

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Updates in Polity and Governance

There are few updates received in the Polity and governance topics from the newspapers. The important updates are,

Update on Social Issues

This week health took the spotlight due to an increase in the Covid-19 spread. Similarly, there are few articles that highlight the Social Security issues. The important articles in this regard are,

Articles on Health:
Articles on Education:

Report and Indices

There are a few important reports and indices released this week. The important ones are;

Updates on International Relations

The Israel-Palestine Dispute

This week the Issue of Israel and Palestine took center stage. Earlier, Israeli armed forces have penetrated Al-Aqsa Mosque. This resulted in rocket attacks conducted by Hamas (a militant group) on Israeli territories. In retaliation, Israeli airstrikes are targeted areas in the Gaza Strip. The important article covered in this regard are,

Other updates

This week the important updates in International relations include the 3rd Arctic Science Ministerial, The US entry into Christchurch call to Action, etc. The important articles covered by us include

Updates in Economy

This week the economic topics in news include articles on Business Responsibility and Sustainability reporting norms by SEBI, etc. The important articles on Economy are,

Updates in Agriculture

This week there were certain important updates on Agriculture like Moorhen Yoga Mat, update in MIDH, etc. The important articles that covered these topics are,

Science and Technology

Updates on Intellectual Property Rights
Other updates in Science and Technology

This week there were few important updates in the field of science and technology such as the updates on OSIRIS-REx mission, findings related to Venus, etc. The important articles covered in this regard are,

Important updates on Environment

This week there were certain important updates on the Environment like the categorisation of Pangolin scales, Green Urja Award, etc. The important articles that covered these topics are,

Miscellaneous articles for Prelims this week

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