Weekly Current Affairs Highlights – 15th to 20th Mar.

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The reservation debate

Last week the reservation took the spotlight after the Supreme Court decided to review the Mandal case. This week also the reservation took the spotlight after the report points out a high rate of vacancies for faculty positions in Central institutions for higher education. We have covered a few important articles on the issue of reservation. They are

  1. “Vacancies in Central institutions” for higher education
  2. Older IIMs lag behind in enforcing “Quota rules”
  3. Issue of High Vacancies in Higher Educational Institutions

The NCT of Delhi(Amendment) Bill 2021

After the government introduced The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2021 in the Lok Sabha. The issue of power tussle between the L-G and the elected government of Delhi has come into the limelight. The important articles covered in our blog are,

  1. MHA introduced “NCT of Delhi (Amendment) Bill 2021”
  2. The Government of NCT of Delhi (Amendment) Bill 2021- Explained, Pointwise

State Election Commissions

This week the Supreme Court held that State Election Commissions(SECs) should have independent State Election Commissioners. Further, the Court also held that the  State governments should not interfere with the functioning of the State Election Commission. Important articles that covered the Supreme Court rulings are,

  1. Supreme Court’s Judgment on State Election Commission
  2. SC Ruling on State Election Commission: Explained, Pointwise
  3. SC Ruling on Appointment of “State Election Commissioners”

The issue of Electoral Bonds

The Supreme Court this week agreed to hear the issue of electoral bonds in a fast track manner. It is a significant decision considering the upcoming state assembly elections. The important articles covered by ForumIAS team in this regard are,

  1. SC agreed to hear the issue of “electoral bonds”
  2. Electoral Bond and its challenges – Explained, Pointwise

Other Important cases in Supreme Court

This week the Supreme Court held certain important judgements, decisions and guidelines that would impact the entire nation. Apart from that, there are certain important cases that also appeared in news this week. The important articles in this regard are,

  1. SC Guidelines for Bail in Sexual Assault Cases to Lower Courts
  2. SC sought Centre’s response in “ration cards cancellation” case
  3. SC orders Info. on Rule Curve for “Mullaperiyar Dam”
  4. Plea Challenges “Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act,1991” in SC
  5. Validity of “State’s resolution against Central laws”

Other updates in Polity and Governance

There are few updates received in the Polity and governance topics from the newspapers. The important updates are,

  1. “MPLAD Scheme” Funds for 2019-20 cleared by Finance Minister
  2. Update on “National Population Register(NPR)”
  3. Government launches “Mera Ration Mobile App”
  4. Flaws in design of lateral entry policy
  5. “Nominated members” and “Anti-defection Law” in India
  6. KALIA scheme of Odisha and its lesson for India
  7. Rajya Sabha Passes “National Institutes of Food Technology Bill, 2019”

Updates on International Relations

This week the important updates in International relations include the EU joined the CDRI initiative, UK’s post-Brexit foreign policy, etc. The important articles covered by us include,

  1. Expectations from U.S-China Alaska meet
  2. Ecuador’s “Sangay Volcano” erupted
  3. Afghan Peace Process and India – Explained, Pointwise
  4. EU joins “CDRI or Coalition for disaster resilient infrastructure initiative”
  5. “UK’s Post-Brexit Foreign Policy” Focusses on Indo-Pacific
  6. Measures  to Strengthen India US economic partnership

Report and Indices

There were many important reports and indices released this week. Few of them created many debates in India like the Air Quality Report, V-Dem report. The important ones are;

  1. India rated as an “electoral autocracy” by V-Dem Institute
  2. “SIPRI Report” – India Remains the 2nd Largest Arms Importer
  3. “World Air Quality Report, 2020” Released
  4. “Pew Research study” Reports increasing Poverty in India

Privatization of PSBs

This week the employee unions of Public Sector Banks have gone on a two-day strike against privatization. Further, they also observed last Monday as “anti-privatization day”. Few articles covered the concept of Privatization of PSBs. The important articles include,

  1. Privatization of PSBs – Explained, Pointwise
  2. Why Nationalisation of Banks was a Right Step?

The concept of Inflation Targetting

Inflation targeting monetary policy took the spotlight in the Indian Economy after it completed 5 years since its introduction. There are a few articles that covered this topic. They are,

  1. Relevance of Inflation Targeting in India
  2. Effectiveness of Inflation Targeting in India – Explained, Pointwise

Other updates in Economy

This week the government introduced DFIs to fund infrastructure projects. Further, the government also introduced a bill to increase FDI in the insurance sector. There are other few updates as well. The important articles on this are,

  1. Why Taxes on Fuel may increase in the future?
  2. What is FDI or Foreign Direct Investment?
  3. Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) (MMDR) Amendment Bill, 2021
  4. Cabinet Clears Proposal for Setting up of “Development Finance Institution (DFI)”
  5. What are “DFIs or Development Finance Institutions”?
  6. Why States are Planning for Reservation to Locals in Private Jobs?
  7. “Handicrafts and Handlooms Export Corporation” closed permanently 

Important updates in Science and Technology

This week there few important updates in the field of science and technology such as Martial blueberries, Genome mapping projects in the Indian Ocean, Candida Auris Superbug, etc. The important articles covered in this field include,

  1. Centre reconstitutes “Committee on Saraswati river”
  2. “Martian blueberries” find a parallel in India
  3. Deadly drug-resistant superbug “Candida Auris or C.Auris” found in Andamans
  4. Genome mapping of Indian Ocean by NIO
  5. Health Minister Appointed as Chairman of “Stop TB Partnership Board”
  6. Why India should Invest More in Research and Innovation System?
  7. “US India Artificial Intelligence(USIAI) Initiative” launched
  8. Significance and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  9. Relevance of India-Philippines Brahmos Deal
  10. Flaws in New AICTE rules
  11. SERB launched “SERB-PRISM Portal”

The COVID-19 Vaccination

This week there are certain significant updates on Vaccination such as the Digital Green Certificate by the EU, Many European countries halted Vaccination due to blood clots, etc.  The important articles that covered these developments are,

  1. What is “Adenovirus”?
  2. Public trust is key to successful vaccination programmes
  3. EU unveiled a ‘Digital Green Certificate’

Important updates in Environment

This week there are certain important updates on the Environment that appeared in news like Project REHAB, Single-Use plastic pollution, etc. The important articles that covered these topics are,

  1. Himachal Pradesh to start “Seabuckthorn plantations”
  2. KVIC launches “Project REHAB”
  3. Power Minister Launches “Energy Efficiency Enterprise(E3) Certifications Scheme”
  4. Petition in SC for Protection of “Great Indian Bustard”
  5. Single-Use Plastic Pollution in India – A hidden pandemic
  6. “Tiger Reserves” in India
  7. Voluntary Vehicle-Fleet Modernisation Programme
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