Weekly Current Affairs Highlights – 29th Mar to 3rd Apr

On this page, you can read all the major news/Current Affairs of the week. On a daily basis, we are covering all relevant Current Affairs under our various initiatives. For further reading, you can refer to our following initiatives:

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Updates on Bills, Acts, etc

Bills like The NCT of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, The Medical Termination of Pregnancy(Amendment) Bill, Places of Worship Act were in news repeatedly. Few important articles that covered these aspects are,

The issue of Human Rights in India

This week the US State Department released the “2020 Human Rights Report”. The report severely criticised the state of Human Rights in India. The important articles that covered these topics are,

Other topics on Social Issues

This week there are few updates on Social issues such as the construction of only 5.4% of houses under PMAY-G, the Refugee problem etc. The important articles covered in this aspect are,

Development in India-US relations

This week India-US relations took the spotlight after the US President removes the Visa Ban and joint military exercise Vajra Prahar takes place. The important articles that covered these developments are,

BIMSTEC Ministerial Meeting

This week BIMSTEC held its 17th ministerial meeting. There are few important articles that appeared in news. The important ones are,

Other Important updates in International Relations

This week the important updates in International relations include the heart of the Asia summit, conduction of Exercise Vajra Prahar, Pakistan resuming trade with India, etc. The important articles covered by us include,

Report and Indices

There were many important reports and indices released this week. Few of them created many debates in India like Global Wind Report, Global Gender Gap report and others. The important ones are;

Important updates on Economy

This week the government retained the inflation targeting at 4%. Further, there are other few updates as well. There are other few updates as well. The important articles on this are,

Important updates on education

This week there were many news articles covered the education sector. Further, the government also introduced the Ānandam: The Center for Happiness in IIM Jammu. The important articles in this field includes,

Updates on Agriculture and Agri-allied sectors

This week there were few news articles that covered the White revolution, New Production Linked Incentive Scheme for the FPI sector, etc. The important articles covered by our team in this regard are,

Important updates in Science and Technology

This week there few important updates in the field of science and technology such as Martial blueberries, Genome mapping projects in the Indian Ocean, Candida Auris Superbug, etc. The important articles covered in this field include,

Important updates on Environment

This week there were certain important updates on the Environment like 27 Migratory Birds died in the Pong Dam wildlife sanctuary, the inclusion of new butterfly species in JOTT, etc. The important articles that covered these topics are,

The debate of Net Zero emission targets

Globally the idea of net-zero emissions by 2050 gaining momentum. In the next 30 years, they all aim to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide and other GHGs. There are requests from the global forums that India also needs to adopt a net-zero emissions target. The important articles that covered these topics are,



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