What arguments in marital rape case reveal about insecurity of patriarchy

News: Recently, hearings are going on a petition to criminalize marital rape.

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What arguments have been presented against marital rape?

Some call it anti-civilizational law. The argument of its misuse is also presented. Many cases of false filing of cases of sexual abuse have been reported by NCRB. A study by Rukmini S showed that 40% of complaints of consensual sex were later criminalized by parents.

Many cases of filing false dowry accusations have come to light recently. Women do it as cases are often referred for mediation, and these cases help attend them better bargaining power. Thus, the criminalization of marital rape opens up the battle between law and morality. The power relations within families will now come out in open.

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But the petition against marital rape has been an opportunity for India to make marital rape a crime and unravel some of the unspoken norms on sexual crimes and marital relations.

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Source: This post is based on the article “What arguments in marital rape case reveal about insecurity of patriarchy” published in Indian Express on 9th February 2022.

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