What is 5G warfare of China?

Synopsis:  China is preparing to dominate the world by rolling out its 5G technology warfare across countries, India needs to fast the pace of its 5G implementation to contain the digital threat of China. 

What is 5G warfare? 

  • 5G technology will enable IOT (Internet of Things) and IOT is driven by data and Information.    
  • It will aid the providing country with the power to access and control the data of individuals, groups or even nations. 
  • Moreover,5G technologies are main enabler of AI technologies and the recent example of use of AI in warfare, like drone killing machines, multiply these threats. 

Implications of Chinese 5G warfare? 

China, as one of the foremost countries to roll out 5G technologies with huge investment worldwide, posing the risks of digital encirclement of the world. An invasion by Chinese 5G technology in to other nations will make them completely dependent on China  

  • First example is the recent cooperation of measurement of Mt. Everest between China and Nepal may enable the launch of Chinese 5G technology in Nepal, with the following implications. 
  • It will provide China the ability to control Nepal’s business interests, its mountaineering and tourism industry.
  • It will make locals or visitors to Nepal dependent on China for Real-time information on weather, routes, map/terrain details, logistics and rescue programmes, etc., 
  • There is a significant chance that, with lower incomes, the Nepal’s tourism industry might get lured into Chinese cheap loans, leading to a strategic debt trap.
  • Second, Militaries who do not have indigenous 5G capabilities for IOT platforms might allow Chinese 5G infrastructure, leading them to become a hostage to Chinese technology. For example, The CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) is a clear example. Pakistan today has become the virtual vassal state of China. 
  • Thirdwith Chinese companies having made huge investments across the world to spread a 5G it would lead to complete digital encirclement of the world when combined with BRI (belt and road initiative) 

How India should prepare to fight the onslaught of the Chinese 5G warfare? 

  • First, India is already working on Indigenous 5G technology that would run IOT platforms for civilians as well as military applications, it needs to accelerate the launch of Indian 5G. 
  • Second, the Counteroffensive measures such as banning of Chinese apps and blocking of hardware supply chains will be able to protect the business and security interests of the country. 

There is an urgent need to fasten the pace of 5G technology development in India which is suffering due to slow adoption, entangled policy processes and bureaucratic processes.

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