What is a drone?

Drone is typically a “Quad-Copter” having four propellers fitted vertically. These can hover and are highly maneuverable. Following are some major features of drones:

  • Drones are difficult to detect. They are made of composite plastics and fabric and are not easily detectable by radars.
  • Drones fly ultra-low, below a 100ft. Hence, these can be used for reconnaissance, observation, as well as to carry small payloads, including mail and parcels.
  • Drones can be pre-programmed to reach a target area to hover or deliver or be flown by a remote pilot. The typical payload is between 1 to 25 kg.
What is the use of drones?

Drones are essentially a military tool as they eliminate the risk of a pilot’s life in combat zones, and since they are unmanned, they don’t require fatigue-induced rest. They are now used for various purposes from delivery of merchandise, taking photographs, or shooting videos to military warfare and space exploration.

  • The US military made the first big demonstration of the military use of drones in the 1991 Gulf War. It deployed UAVs to target its enemy forces.
  • In space, the US Air Force’s mysterious X-37B space plane is perhaps the most-talked-about drone.
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