What is a no confidence motion?

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“What is a no confidence motion?” published in “The Indian Express” on 27th July 2023.

A Parliament floor test would serve democracy” published in “Livemint” on 27th July 2023.

Syllabus: GS2- Parliament- Conduct of Business

Relevance: Parliamentary procedures

News- Recently, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla accepted the Opposition’s no confidence motion against the Government earlier.

What are some facts about no confidence motion?

In a parliamentary democracy, a government should have a majority in Lok Sabha to continue in power. As per Article 75(3) of our Constitution, the Council of Ministers are collectively responsible to the Lok Sabha.

For testing this collective responsibility, the rules of Lok Sabha provide for motion of no-confidence.

Any Lok Sabha MP having support of 50 MPs can introduce a motion of no-confidence against the Council of Ministers.

Thereafter, a discussion on the motion takes place. MPs who support the motion highlight the government’s shortcomings, and the Treasury Benches respond to the issues.

Finally, a vote on motion takes place. If the motion is passed, the government will have to resign.

A no confidence motion can only be moved in the Lok Sabha.

How has this motion been used by opposition?

Historically, the no confidence motion has been employed as an instrument to compel a discussion on a particular topic or matter.

The Opposition does not have numbers. But, still it has moved the motion to force the government to have a discussion on the situation in Manipur.

During the third Lok Sabha in 1963, the first motion of no confidence was moved by Acharya J B Kripalani against the Nehru led government. The debate on the motion lasted for 21 hours over four days. 40 MPs participated in the debate.

Nehru remarked that the purpose of the no-confidence motion is to remove the party in government. It is not expected in this instance. I have welcomed this motion and this debate. Periodical tests of the government is a good thing.

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