What is Carbon Watch App?

What is the news?

Chandigarh becomes the first state or Union Territory in India to launch Carbon Watch App. It is a mobile application to assess the carbon footprint of an individual.

About Carbon Watch App:

  • The app allows users to assess their carbon footprint. It also suggests ways to reduce Carbon Footprint.
    • Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas (especially carbon dioxide) released into the atmosphere by particular human activity.
  • The application can be downloaded through a QR code in Android-supported smart cell phones.

How does the app work? When a person downloads the application, they will need to fill details in 4 parts:

  1. Water category: The person requires providing data about the consumption of water.
  2. Energy category: The person needs to enter the details regarding the electricity units consumed every month at the house.
  3. Waste category: The individual needs to inform about the waste generated by her/him and family.
  4. Transport Category: The individual will provide data about the mode of transport used i.e. – four-wheeler, two-wheeler, or bicycle.

Solutions provided by the Carbon Watch App:

  • The mobile application will automatically calculate the carbon footprint of the individual and suggest ways to reduce it.
    • For instance, if a user says they usually travel in a car, the app would suggest taking public transport or a bicycle.
  • It will also provide information such as the national and world average of the emission.

Source: Indian Express

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