What is Facebook’s Oversight Board?

What is the News?

Facebook’s Oversight Board has upheld Facebook’s decision to block the former-U.S. President Donald Trump from its platform.

About Facebook’s Oversight Board:
  • The Oversight Board was established in 2020 by Facebook. It is an independent body that helps Facebook figure out what content can be allowed on the platform and what ought to be removed.
  • Composition: The board is a panel of about 20 former political leaders, human rights activists, and journalists picked by Facebook.
How does the Board work?
  • Firstly, the board gives users the ability to appeal to the board, giving them a chance to challenge content decisions on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Secondly, for instance, if a user on any of the two platforms has exhausted all attempts to request for review of their content decisions and the user is not happy with the final decision, he or she can write an appeal to the board.
  • Thirdly, this does not mean that the board will oversee all appeals. It selects cases based on how significant and difficult they are and if they are globally relevant and have the potential to inform future policy.
Is the Board decision binding on Facebook?
  • Facebook as well as its users can refer cases to the board. The decisions of the board are binding on Facebook.

Is Facebook’s oversight Board independent?

  • The company and paid members of the panel stress that the board is independent. But Facebook funds the board with a $130 million trust, and top executives played a big role in its formation.

Source: The Hindu

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