What is remote planning?

  • Little or no dependence on the location and existence of the mastermind, the plotters are anonymous.
  • The handling is performed through the use of internet, keeping the identity of the plotter anonymous.
  • Carrying and shifting of arms gets easier.
  • Connection between the lone actor and the remote controller is facilitated by the growth of social media and encrypted communication applications.
  • Steganography for an instance is a technique used to hide messages in graphic files, and “dead dropping” is a way to transmit information through saved email drafts in an online email account accessible to anyone with the password.
  • Islamic States(IS) try and take all the responsibilities of being the controller behind the remote but there are several other terrorist groups that have uncanny but similar agendas.
  • The planning consists of refining the actor, the actor already has an inclination towards the agenda or the plotters brainwash them.
  • The finance needed for carrying out the attack is also done using internet.
  • Buying arms to carry the attack also becomes easier since there is no transportation is required.
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