WHO Announced “Global Breast Cancer Initiative”

What is the News?

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced an initiative called the “Global Breast Cancer Initiative”.

About Global Breast Cancer Initiative:

  • Aim: The initiative aims to reduce global breast mortality by 2.5% by 2040.
  • The initiative will particularly focus on reducing deaths in low-income countries. There the progress to tackle the disease is relatively slow.
  • Key Features of the Initiative:
    • Guidance to Governments: Under the initiative, WHO will work with other UN agencies. They will provide guidance to governments on how to strengthen systems for diagnosing and treating breast cancer. It is expected to improve capacities to manage other types of cancer.
    • Evidence-based Technical Package: An evidence-based technical package will also be provided to countries as part of the initiative. It will incorporate existing WHO cancer tools and products.

About Breast Cancer:

  • Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. It is responsible for one in six cancer deaths among women and has overtaken lung cancer as the world’s most commonly diagnosed cancer.
  • Survival Rates: Breast cancer survives for five years after diagnosis exceeds 80% in most high-income countries. However, it is 66% in India and 40% in South Africa.

Source: Down To Earth

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