Why do Indian do so well abroad

News: In times of hyper-nationalism, there comes an interesting note on who is ruling the world. Currently, CEOs of many companies are Indians including Microsoft, Twitter etc. Also, many Indians can be found heading important political positions across the global level, for instance, Kamala Harris Vice President of the USA, Yasmin Trudeau as a state senator of the USA.

Why Indian people migrated to the West?

People of Indian origin outperform everyone when they migrate to the west. The main reason for Indian people to do well in the West is the policies adopted by these countries like diversity, equity, inclusion and adoption of multiculturalism in their societies.

Looking at poverty, food insecurity, inequality in India, the migrated persons wonder about the greatness of the country they migrated to rather than the greatness of India. Moreover, in the World Happiness Report, India ranks alongside countries like Afghanistan, South Sudan and Yemen.

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Why Indians are unable to achieve well in India?

India has an unparalleled history of multiculturalism. It is the land where thousands of languages were spoken, which marks the birth of four of the world’s major religions, provide shelter to the others, and many more things.

But today, India is struggling with various fault lines like tension between communities, violence replacing the arts, culture and faith as the language of identity, and homogenisation is replacing diversity as the defining feature of our nationhood.

There is less representation of minorities in public institutions, rewriting of history to re-frame some of our customs as being foreign, demonisation of diverse food habits and customs, terror threatening cohabitation and marriage between communities is visible in India.

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What should India do to perform better?

From 2016 to 2019, the number of young Indians who fled the country to study abroad increased by 40% and this count can increase further. To stop this, India should adopt policies that embrace diversity and reaffirm the commitment to embrace, celebrate and protect this very essence of our nation.

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Source: This post is based on the article “Why do Indians do so well abroad” published in the Indian Express on 19th January 2022.

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