Win the battle of CSAT with ForumIAS CSAT classes for Prelims 2023 | 21st November 2022

Dear Friends,

For the past 3-4 years, we have observed a significant shift in CSE prelims exam pattern. When pattern changed in 2015 some people thought that Paper 2, CSAT would be a walkover. In reality, this paper is turning out to be achilles heel for many students and nightmare for others. Even students from science and engineering background are finding it difficult to tackle CSAT paper.

A non-competitive and qualifying paper can not be allowed to ruin the dreams of many students. For this, ForumIAS is coming up with CSAT classes for Prelims 2023 from 21st November 2022 to counter and conquer the dynamism of CSAT paper.

To know more about ForumIAS CSAT Classes, visit:

For any assistance, you can email us at or call us at 9821711605 

Assure yourself of CSAT by learning the art of tackling this paper with the experts.

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