Wisdom at Wuhan

Wisdom at Wuhan


PM Modi and President Xi change the tenorof India-China ties. They must build on it

What has happened?

For an “informal summit”, the Wuhan meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping appeared to cover much ground over the two days — in terms of public appearances and in the two statements issued. Most of their conversations were unstructured, at informal events where they were accompanied only by translators

Message from Wuhan

  • That despite bilateral and geopolitical differences, India and China can resolve differences peacefully and through prolonged dialogue.
  • The Wuhan summit has recommitted India and China to managing bilateral relations in a manner that creates the conditions for the “Asian Century”
  • Much will depend on whether the Wuhan understanding can prevent skirmishes and misunderstandings becoming standoffs, as in the past
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