With AUKUS dividing the Western bloc, is there a role for India?

Synopsis: This article explains India’s relationship with Western Countries and India’s role in strengthening their relations.


C. Raja Mohan is of the view that AUKUS could leave a deep scar on US-EU relations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and weaken the international coalition in the Indo-Pacific. According to him, India has an indispensable role in strengthening the international coalition in the Indo-Pacific.

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What are the recent developments in the India-US security relationship?

Some major milestones in the Indo-US security relationship have been:

The signing of the path-breaking Indo-US Civil Nuclear Agreement, in 2008; launching of the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative in 2012.

The US Congress also accorded the status of “Major Defence Partner” to India in 2016; The US also granted Tier 1 status to India, enabling export of high-technology items; and institution of “2+2 talks” in 2018.

The signing of the fourth and last of the key “foundational agreements” in 2020, was supposed to have eliminated the final impediment to closer defence cooperation.

How India is maintaining its relations with Europe?

The Indian government has also stepped up on the political engagement with Europe as a collective as well as its sub-regions — from the Baltics to the Balkans and from Iberia to Mitteleuropa (Middle Europe).

India now discovered that every European nation, from tiny Luxembourg to a rising Poland, has something to offer. At present, Europe has become a thriving hub of India’s international relations.

How India is maintaining its relations with Britain?

India has also made a determined effort to build a new partnership with Britain, which is the fifth-largest economy in the world, a leading financial hub.

The UK and its settler colonies have long been the preferred destination for the Indian diaspora (besides the US). While the diaspora tends to connect the domestic politics of the Anglosphere (English-speaking nations) with that of India, India is figuring out that the diaspora politics can be played both ways.

What India needs to do to strengthen the Western bloc?

India’s interests lie in deeper strategic cooperation with France and Europe as well as the Quad and the Anglosphere. India’s diverse relationships in the West must be deployed in full measure to prevent a split in the Indo-Pacific coalition.

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Further, to attain India’s full potential, India needs a political collaboration that helps to restore its economy to its earlier buoyant trajectory. Further, If realpolitik so demands, India must break old customs and strike new partnerships — wherever there is a convergence of interests.

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