Woman in Combat Role

Woman in Combat Role


Army Chief argued society in-preparedness for induction of women in combat roles

Important Facts:

  1. Indian Air Force already inducted three women fighter pilots; Indian Navy confirmed induction of women as sailor
  2. Indian Army inducted women in number of select areas like medical, engineering and granted permanent commission but kept off combat role due to operational concern and logistic issue
  3. Eritrea and Israel have largest share of women in the armed forces at 33%. The US, UK, Denmark , Australia and New Zealand all have women in combat role

Social Challenges of induction of women in combat role:

  1. Indian Army is traditionally all male institution mind set
  2. Women in combat role cannot seek special privilege on ground of gender
  3. Large number of army personnel come from rural areas where intermingling between gender are still not there
  4. Societal Responsibility of raising child

Measures for overcoming Social Challenges:

  1. Ethical training and sensitization of Indian soldiers for gender equality in armed combat role
  2. Social Awareness and Influence through examples of Indian Woman who led armies: Sultan Razia, Chand Bibi, Kitturu Chennamma and Rani of Jhansi

Way Forward:

Indian Army could lead society in gender equality and empowerment aspiration by inducting women in combat role as done for Secular aspiration of society by providing  multi faith worship places for Indian soldiers.

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