Women officers in command soon

Source: The post is based on the article “Women officers in command soon” published in The Hindu on 19th January 2023.

What is the News?

The Army has begun the process for the selection of women officers for command postings in the rank of Colonel, which has so far been the domain of male officers.

About the reason behind promoting women offices to the rank of Colonel

Women officers are being conducted for promotion from the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel to Colonel.

This comes after the Supreme Court judgment in 2021 upholding an earlier judgement granting permanent commission as well as command postings to women officers in all arms and services other than combat.

About women in the armed forces

Women are serving proudly and confidently in various operational theatres of the Indian Army.

Recently, a woman officer from the 57 Engineers regiment was deployed in the Siachen Glacier and has been tasked in operations there.

Women soldiers are also being inducted through the Agnipath entry scheme. The first batch of over 100 women Agniveers will join their training centre in Bengaluru in March 2023.

The Army has also started deployment of women soldiers in joint exercises with friendly foreign countries and in peacekeeping missions.

The Army has also recently decided to induct women into the Corps of Artillery, a combat support arm. The proposal is currently awaiting government approval.

Note: Women are still not eligible for pure combat arms such as Infantry, Mechanised Infantry and Armoured Corps.


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