Working with ForumIAS | Jobs at ForumIAS

ForumIAS is an edu-tech company in the field of Civil Services Preparation founded in 2012.

Job Openings as per availability of August 10th, 2020, at Gurgaon / Remote Location for the lockdown period.

We are looking for candidates willing to join ForumIAS for a short term- long term commitment. The job openings are as below

  • Teaching Faculty
  • Academic Associate – Prelims Expert
  • Academic Associate – Mains Expert
  • Social Media Expert
  • Student Support Executive
  • Software Developer / PHP / Web
  • Mobile App Developer*
  • Product Manager*
  • Management Associate ( Non-Academic )
  • Management Associate ( Non-Academic )*
  • Blogger
  • Mentor

For Positions marked with * UPSC experience is not required.

  • Candidates must have a good understanding of the UPSC Examination Process and demand of the exam.
  • Candidate must possess strong English language skills
  • Candidate must have general problem solving skills and general aptitude.

How to Apply

  • Write us a good cover letter, and send us your resume at
  • Please mention very clearly, your availability, attempts at UPSC and your entire UPSC Journey including any classes that you may have taken during your preparation. You can also send a sample of your work.
  • If you are looking for a Non-Academic Role, you do not need Civil Services Examination experience
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