Working with ForumIAS | Jobs at ForumIAS

ForumIAS is an ed-tech company in the field of Civil Services Preparation founded in 2012.

Job Openings as per availability of August 30th, 2021, at Gurgaon Location.

We are looking for candidates willing to join ForumIAS for a short term- long term commitment. The job openings are as below

  • Teaching Faculty
  • Academic Associate – Prelims Expert
  • Academic Associate – Mains Expert
  • Product Manager
  • Mentor
  • Blogger
  • Social Media Expert*
  • Sales and Support Executive (Non-academic)*
  • Software Developer / PHP / Web*
  • Mobile App Developer*
  • Student Relationship Manager*
  • Graphic Designer*
  • Motion Graphics Animator*

For Positions marked with * UPSC experience is not required.

  • Candidates must have a good understanding of the UPSC Examination Process and demand of the exam.
  • Candidate must possess strong English language skills
  • Candidate must have general problem-solving skills and general aptitude.

How to Apply

  • Write us a good cover letter, and send us your resume at
  • Please mention very clearly, your availability, attempts at UPSC and your entire UPSC Journey including any classes that you may have taken during your preparation. You can also send a sample of your work.
  • If you are looking for a Non-Academic Role, you do not need Civil Services Examination experience
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